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Contact the Studio

Text: 079 800 969 24

Email: studio@redroadfm.com

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Fancy Becoming a Presenter?

Aaron Outram – Redroad FM Programming and Music Director

Email: aaron@redroadfm.com

Want to Advertise with Redroad?

Gaz Shanks – Redroad FM Advertising and Sponsorship Sales

Tel: 07949 718031

Email: gaz@redroadfm.com

Want Redroad FM at your event?

Hayley Grice – Events and Entertainment Manager

Email: events@redroadfm.com

Want Your Music Playing On Redroad?

Dan Bray – Redroad Unsigned Presenter

Email: dan@redroadfm.com

When emailing please include an MP3/WAV file and Band Information

(Please note: We can only accept Radio Edits)

Anything Else?

Trevor Grossett – Director and Business Development Manager

Tel: 01909 772772

Email: trevor@redroadfm.com

Postal Address

Redroad Studio,
Kiveton Park Youth Centre
Station Road,
Kiveton Park,
S26 6QQ
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