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The Seventies & Eighties Show – Mondays from 7pm

Big Stu presents The Seventies & Eighties Show. This is your chance to hear the REAL music from 70’s & 80’s not just the same few old tunes that get played on other stations. With features such as The Double Decade Delve, The Single That Time Forgot and listeners favourite, Big Stu’s Cheese Selection you are sure to hear a range of music from Classics to the Obscure to the ones you thought you’d never hear again!

About Big Stu!

An old Mod at heart, New Romantic, Glam Rock, Punk, Electro Pop, New Wave, Disco all get played, the choice is yours, he is always happy to take your requests. As a fan of Music Quiz’s and a lover of Pop Trivia the odd fact or three may get thrown your way but whats most important to Big Stu is the MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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