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The Gareth Nelson Show – Tuesdays from 2pm

Join Gareth weekly for a show all about the music, with a few movies thrown in for good measure. Gareth’s love for music and movies will shine through, with segments dedicated to brand new releases in both categories each week. Also you’ll get little tit bits about each of the songs that he plays as he takes you on informative, yet relative journey through the music universe. Catch the show to for interviews with artists discussing their various music exploits, and all this as he broadcasts from South Africa.  Grab some biltong and let the warmth from South Africa fills your airwaves.

About Gareth!

Gareth was born with a passion for music.It was no surprise when he picked up a guitar at 13 and taught himself to play.  Both his parents are great music lovers and their love for the art was passed onto to Gareth at an early age. His eclectic love of music from Jazz to Classical ,from Rock to Pop , he loves and adores all music in all its forms. Music runs through his blood.

Gareth recently fell into radio after doing various interviews at Radio Stations to promote his own music and it was natural fit for someone who loves collecting, researching music so much.

Gareth loves the idea of creating, learning, collecting ,playing and the process of making music, it is his vocation in life to be as close to music as possible.

Listen and see his creations covering multiple genres and showing his skills as a poet, lyricist, songwriter, guitarist ,producer, designer and DJ.


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