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Mark Philips


Mark Philips Trip Through The Decades – Thursdays from 2pm

Join me every Thursday for my trip through the decades show playing music for all tastes from the 50’s – The Present Day including many UNSIGNED local and international artists / bands and new music.

My show is a trip through the decades, playing music from all the way back in the 1950’s (which was a very important era for music from Jazz – early Rock and Roll of that period),  which in my opinion is a very underrated and under utilised era of music in this day and age, to Country music (which is also underrated/under utilised here in the UK), – Old School Rock – and present day music of the 2000’s.
As well as the established artists I play on my shows, Every show I do, I also play music from many local and international unsigned artists/bands that have had little or no radio airplay anywhere in the world before, as in my opinion these artists are the future of the music business.

If you wish to contact me on social media, feel free to send your requests to me on the days leading up to my show if possible, as I usually spend around 3 days finalising my playlists before doing my show, and I will happily include them in my playlist for when I do my Thursday show.

About Mark!

I was born and bred in Blackpool, and have lived there most of my life before moving over to South Yorkshire recently in 2018 for various reasons. With a personal music collection of many 1000’s of CD’s/Tapes/MP3’s etc, I can play almost anything you could ever want to hear if you asked me to. I do every radio show LIVE making my own playlist from my expansive personal collection every show, and from the requests sent to me privately, and on my social media platforms.

I am a child of the 80’s and I’ve declared many times that the 80’s is without doubt my favourite era for music. Remembering the music everyone was listening to in the 80’s fondly as it was all around me, on the radio, in the school discos of the time, and on the old Sony Walkmans that we all remember fondly. From the ending of the punk era, to the cheesy 80’s pop, to the early rock/metal of the day from bands like Iron Maiden, ( my favourite band ever)  Metallica – Guns and Roses when they first burst on the scene in 1985 giving the world the classic Appetite For Destruction album in 1987, and the mainstream release of Sweet Child O Mine in 1988. Who wouldn’t remember the 80’s as a very exciting and important era in the music industry?

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