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#MondayMusicAndMore – Mondays from 2pm

Join Simon for the BIGGEST variety of music every Monday afternoon from 2pm!

The UK Country Music Showcase – Sundays from Midday

Join Simon for The UK Country Music Showcase every Sunday from Midday! Bringing you music from the best new country Artists and Bands from the UK.

About Simon

I Simon, born Simon John Birds on 6th April 1978 in Barking Hospital, Essex
(some say that explains a lot!).
I moved up to Sheffield within the first year of my life and have lived in and
around the area ever since. I attended Dobcroft First and Middle schools and
then went to High Storrs Secondary School in 1990. My love of the limelight was
established early in my life, performing magic shows to family and friends. I also
enjoyed putting on a Christmas concert every year, which I took very seriously,
from the schedule to how each carol should be sung! During my teenage years I
preferred to spend time setting up and messing with various audio setups in my
bedroom. In 1993, I produced several demo tapes of a radio show entitled ‘The
Big Red Microphone Show’ with my brother, Andrew. The inspiration for the
name came from, surprisingly enough, the colour of the microphone! Sadly
those tapes have long since bitten the dust!

After the fun and games I had with the mock radio show I decided to apply for a
job with Sheffield Childrens Hospital Radio. The demo went in and I was lucky
enough to be offered my own show on a Saturday morning from 10am – 12pm.
The show was filled with music and chat with daft news items, competitions,
requests and even a celebrity interview with Mitch Johnson of Virgin 1215. It
was great fun to do, and seemed popular enough with the somewhat captive
audience on the wards in the hospital. During this time I also appeared at the
Roadshow which took place on Fargate in Sheffield City Centre, raising vital
funds to keep the the station broadcasting. After 9 months the need to get a
‘proper job’ reared its ugly head and unfortunately I was forced to choose
between the two. Sadly the paid job needed to come out on top and that put his
career as a DJ on hold, indefinitely.

Over the following 20 years I have worked in the hospitality industry as chef,
barman and ultimately manager of a public house. Upon leaving the trade I then
worked for a community organisation, providing support and education to adults
with learning disabilities. During this time music and entertainment were never
far from my mind. I worked with individuals to develop musical performance
skills and record a CD at Red Tape studios, Sheffield. From there a talent show
was born and the 8 week show, in the style of X-Factor, was presented,
produced and directed by SJ. The show was even made available on DVD, which
were purchased by relatives and friends of participants to buy as keepsakes. The
years spent in the community and charity sector have given me a broad
understanding of all different walks of life and different challenges people face.
Specifically how the power of music can enhance and change lives for the better.

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