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Viv Craggs


mouth meltdown

Mouth Meltdown – Thursdays from Midday & Mondays from Midnight

There’s nothing complicated about this show, it’s just Viv sharing some of her favourite tracks, having a bit of a chat and maybe dropping in one or two features as her mood takes her!

Typically Viv plays popular music from the sixties onwards. Why “Mouth Meltdown”? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out!

About Viv

Having lived “Down South” for most of my life, my roots are still firmly entrenched in the North East of England, among the beautiful countryside of the Durham and Yorkshire Dales.

I consider myself very lucky as when I was a child my Grandparents had a farm and I had an idyllic childhood as weekends were spent on the farm talking to the animals and playing on the farm machinery – the health and safety police wouldn’t allow that these days!

Eventually I had to grow up and get a job.

At eighteen I joined the Fire Service where I made some great friends and, as you can imagine, had some very moving experiences.

Life has taken me many places since then, bringing me into radio at a pretty late stage in my life, however I enjoy it enormously, sharing my love of music with my audience and chatting about anything that comes into my head.

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