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Redroad is the ONLY local radio station for South Rotherham available on FM. We are the station your customers are listening to! Radio advertising is proven as one of the most effective advertising mediums and isn’t as expensive as you may think.

Why use radio? Powerful and creative Radio is the theatre of the mind, painting colourful three dimensional pictures in your customer’s minds.

Listeners regard the medium of radio as prestigious and this extends the advertisers message.

Press ads and TV ads can class with unrelated editorials or competitions ads. On radio there are no connected businesses back to back.

Radio is the first and last mediumMost radio listeners tune in at breakfast time, either in the home or in the car, offering radio the first word of the day. Radio is also the most likely medium to be heard by shoppers before a purchase is made, which allows advertisers to have the last word.

In comparison with the cost of a single half page in the local press, advertising on Redroad FM is cost effective. Plus campaigns on Redroad can be tailored to reach across the whole of our transmission area.

If you’re interested in sponsorship or advertising your business on Redroad, please contact

Chris Outram

Redroad FM Advertising and Sponsorship Sales

Tel: 01909 772 772

Email: chris@redroadfm.com

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