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Saturday Breakfast – Saturdays from 8am

The show aims to get your weekend started in an easy going manner, with some good tunes and interesting chat, with some more energetic tunes towards the end to set you up nicely for the rest of the weekend. Plenty of features to get involved with and expect a touch of chair dancing moments when listening.

About Scott!

Scott is into all kinds of music, although partial to a tune from the Black Keys or most 80s or 90s music as long as its guitar based and got a good base line it seems. However he’s spent many an hour sat in traffic as part of his day job on the countries finest motorways and A roads….. and car dancing or lip-syncing to a dance or rap track. He’s presented in a corporate environment for a number of years, but after dabbling with radio whilst living in Norfolk and his return to Sheffield, he’s starting again on Redroad.

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