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Gary Jackson


The Gary Jackson Show – Mondays from 10am

Alternatively known as “The Gary Jackson Experience” (Hendrix won’t mind!) Music from across the eras – from the present day to the “vintage tunes” – This show also features two songs in the style of the 40s and 50s too!

The Dark Side Of The Moon – Wednesdays from 9pm

This programme recalls the days when many tracks lasted for 8 minutes, yet these albums sold in the millions and are rarely heard on radio. Already bringing back some memories for hundreds of thousands! Perfect for fans of Black Sabbath, Genesis, Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd!

Sounds of the 70’s – Saturdays from 2pm

Just what it says – a show featuring music from a very diverse decade, plus music news from today in the 70s, the “sloppy bit in the middle” and the chart entry song from that week to finish with!

About Gary!

Like many radio presenters, Gary started as a mobile DJ. From there he went on to hospital radio, and when the FM frequency beckoned he jumped at the chance! Gary’s live radio work has taken him to California, and his shows now air from Tenerife to Tasmania!

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